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This book began with a series of 11 drawings I made in 2015, Secret Recipes.
For each one I mixed two kitchen ingredients (one solid, one liquid) you would not normally combine, such as for instance red beet juice and icing sugar, turmeric and buttermilk, carrot juice and mustard seed, etc. and put them on a sheet of paper.
After letting these dry I scanned and printed them and did some drawing on it with color pencil and a thin marker pen.

As a sequel to this, I had the idea to again make mixes of two different food ingredients and make microscope photos of them.
This led to a book with the title Kochspuren / Traces of Cookery, published in 2018 by Hybriden Verlag in Berlin, in a limited edition of 100 copies.
It consists of 7 chapters, each starting with a microscope photo, followed by 6 variations, made by hand and digitally, also containing short texts about the different ingredients, which I recited on the accompanying CD, combined with (sometimes processed) kitchen sounds.
With each copy of that book comes an original drawing, bound in the middle.
These were made by printing details of black-and-white versions of the original microscope photos, and drawing on these with ink, color pencils and thin marker pen.

Now the present book "111 Recipes" contains reprints of the 11 "Secret Recipes", followed by the 100 drawings I made for the above-mentioned book.
All of the drawings contain scribbles in my personal script, which started out with the International Phonetic Alphabet and over the years developed into a no-longer-functional (secret, so to say) notation system.
A small selection of the drawings can be seen here.

Jaap Blonk, February 2019