Kritik 04.04.2014 (deutsch)

Carl Ludwig Hübsch - tuba
Claus van Bebber - turntables
Jaap Blonk – voice

Carl Ludwig Hübsch explores the expressions of amplified sound creation using the bell of the tuba coupled with sensitive miking of mouthpiece and valve key effects.

Claus van Bebber mixes sounds of selected and partially prepared vinyl disc excerpts on several vintage turntables.

Jaap Blonk employs two microphones with a range of stereo possibilites to combine the multiplicity of sounds that are produced by the voice, throat, tongue, lips and cheeks.

A lively sound picture evolves from the interplay of the participants:
a process that paints a complex, multi-faceted aural landscape.


Live Excerpt 1
Live Excerpt 2
Live Excerpt 3

album: Hübsch, Van Bebber & Blonk