premiered at the BBC Festival 'Cut & Splice: Transmission', London, UK, November 2010 --- quote from their publicity:

Jaap Blonk performs Artaud's "To Have Done with the Judgement of God"

Jaap Blonk, celebrated voice artist and interpreter of avant-garde vocal works, performs Antonin Artaud's seminal 1947 radio art shocker "To Have Done With The Judgement of God". Banned instantly by French radio this blackened and cathartic masterpiece retains the power to shock and remains an atavistic totem of human barbarity.

I support the text (in Clayton Eshleman's English translation) with electronic sounds derived from my own voice.
In between there are sections where I elaborate on Artaud's fragments of phonetic poetry and use them as a basis for improvisations, duelling with unpredictable live electronics.

I wish to express my gratitude to Antonin Artaud as a major formative influence and source of inspiration for me in the creation and performance of my work.

Photo: Arthur Nieuwenhuijs