(now out of print)
on tractatus one (May 2018)
19 visual meditations on the first statement of Wittgenstein's
"Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus"

Kochspuren / Traces of Cookery
(February 2018)
book of visual work based on microscope photos of kitchen ingredients
with CD (texts about the ingredients combined with kitchen sounds)
and original drawing: a different one bound in each book

Thirsty Ears, by Terrie Ex and Jaap Blonk
CD / LP, Terp IS-29

Asemic Dialogues (Kontrans 264, October 2017)
Fifth CD in the Kontrans Voice & Electronics series

Irrelevant Comments (Kontrans 164, October 2017)
CD with solo work from 2014 to 2017

Fehlberliner U-Wirr (March 2017)
book / CD with texts and images based on the Berlin subway network
Hybriden-Verlag, Berlin