Songs of Little Sleep

for voice and electronics, is a disturbingly engaging collection of songs on the topic of insomnia.

The voice sounds go into quite extreme ranges of extended vocal techniques.
An important element are the stereo vocals, a technique I have been working on for many years.

The electronics are based on analog synth sounds, partly chaotic and unpredictable.

Texts are included too, in the language of the country where I perform, as well as in English. Sound poetry might happen also,
along with alien intrusions
(as we cannot predict our dreams).

The live performance is a loose variation on the album of the same name. The performance element makes for a strong extra dimension.

Some tracks to listen to:

Second Class Nightmares

Electroshock Theory

Slight Underdoze

Minute Conversation

Circular Deprivation



Photo by Hans van der Linden