Second record by the avant-rock trio, active from 1987 till 2005

Still available: see top of Kontrans page


Jaap Blonk - voice
Rob Daenen - synthesizer
Theo Bodewes - drums, percussion, electronic drums

Track Listing:

speechlos (daenen; blonk/daenen) 6:17
electrique (daenen; blonk) 3:50
as i was saying (blonk/daenen/bodewes, sheldon frank)
popocatepetl (blonk) 1:21
ach (daenen) 9:38
kamoku (blonk) 1:08
rational (blonk) 4:52
schele schoft (daenen; blonk) 3:36
rill out (blonk/daenen/bodewes) 7:56
katalog der schweren metalle (blonk) 7:44
muzikaret 12:18

Recorded and mixed by Dolf Planteijdt, January and March 1997.