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Stampscapes Vol. 2
Box with 30 cards
Kontrans, Arnhem, July 2024

144 Conjectures
Book with 144 drawings
Kontrans, Arnhem, February 2024

Soliloquies / Selbstgespräche
Book with 36 drawings and CD
Hybriden-Verlag, Berlin, September 2023

Book with 36 drawings
Redfoxpress, Ireland, June 2023

Book with 49 drawings
Timglaset Editions, Malmö, Sweden, January 2023

Stampscapes Vol. 1
Box with 20 cards
(nOIR:Z Visual Poetry, Ontario, July 2022)

Book with 81 drawings
(Post-Asemic Press, Minneapolis, July 2022)

Cassette with two live concerts
(eh? 117, Public Eyesore, July 2021)

Small book of visual work
(Redfoxpress, Ireland, May 2021)

Reissue as a double CD of two titles that went out of print
(Kontrans 1167, April 2021)

Live recording from Chicago
(Kontrans 367, November 2020)


A double CD! First recording by an exciting new band
(Kontrans 1066, May 2020)


Antonin Artaud's
"To Have Done With the Judgment of God"
(Kontrans 666, May 2020)

new book with CD and original drawing
(Hybriden-Verlag, Berlin, April 2020)

CD with first recordings of a new quartet
(Balance Point Acoustics, November 2019)

cassette with first recordings of a new quartet
(Balance Point Acoustics, November 2019)

The long-awaited release of the Chicago recordings from 2012
(Kontrans 864, October 2019)

CD with Quartet Improvisations
(Shhpuma Records, Portugal, June 2019)

CD With Duo Improvisations
(Relative Pitch Records, March 2019)


Book, collection of 111 drawings
(Xexoxial Editions, March 2019)

Wassermann, Blonk & Vorfeld (Kontrans 965, March 2019)
Seventh CD in the Kontrans "improvisors" series

Joyous Junctures (Public Eyesore, January 2019)
Cassette with 60 minutes of music