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The long-awaited release of the Chicago recordings from 2012
Kontrans 864

CD with Quartet Improvisations
Shhpuma Records, Portugal

CD With Duo Improvisations
Relative Pitch Records RPR1089


Book, collection of 111 drawings
by Xexoxial Editions

Wassermann, Blonk & Vorfeld (March 2019)
Seventh CD in the Kontrans "improvisors" series

Joyous Junctures (January 2019)
Cassette with 60 minutes of music

on tractatus one (May 2018)
19 visual meditations on the first statement of Wittgenstein's
"Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus"

Kochspuren / Traces of Cookery
(February 2018)
book of visual work based on microscope photos of kitchen ingredients
with CD (texts about the ingredients combined with kitchen sounds)
and original drawing: a different one bound in each book

Asemic Dialogues (October 2017)
Fifth CD in the Kontrans Voice & Electronics series

Irrelevant Comments (October 2017)
CD with solo work from 2014 to 2017

Fehlberliner U-Wirr (March 2017)
book / CD with texts and images based on the Berlin subway network