Neue Zeitschrift für Musik (Deutsch)

Vital Weekly

Het Parool (Nederlands, PDF) (Nederlands)

Vrij Nederland (PDF)

Bad Alchemy (Deutsch)

Yapp Yapp 5:01
From the aftermath of 'Averschuw'

Buitenboordspuug (Outboard Saliva) 4:09
Multitrack mouth piece, using my 'cheek synthesizer' techniques

Keynote Dialogues 11:32
Texts generated from the word 'puhkterg' in my invented 'GeenKrimpian' language, pronounced like Dutch

Featherwater River 3:56
For Zhuangzi

Cimbrod King 12:46
With processed samples of the mockingbird's singing, and the poem 'Glopvoets' (an anagram of this bird's Dutch name) that contains 16 other anagrams of bird names, creating a herd of imaginary animals

Daysyways 2:00
For Lisette

Lone Sphere 3:33
For Thelonious Monk

AA 60 1:00
60 seconds for Antonin Artaud, made 60 years after his death

Rage Rage 2:23
For Dylan Thomas

Hibercanon 3:45
Winter wind windows

Gramm 4:58
Multitrack voice piece, also issued on Yokomono LP 03.5 (Staalplaat), there in a version for live scrambling

Forthright Air 12:38
Using mostly fricative sounds for vocals: just pressurized air

Sympa Cri 3:58
For Tristan Tzara, based on a single sample from my recording of his poem '(brüllt)'

Total Time 71:40

All compositions by Jaap Blonk (Buma/Stemra)

All tracks recorded and mixed in Arnhem, Netherlands, except:
2 - recorded and mixed by Steve Barsotti and Jaap Blonk at Lou Mallozzi's Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago, USA
6 - composed and recorded at Aarathy Hotel, Madurai, India

Produced by Jaap Blonk
Executive producer: Jakub Mikolajczyk
Cover image: 'Into the Hot & Cool III' by Jaap Blonk
Sleeve design: Tomek Mirt

Monotype Records 053

Thanks to:
Christopher Ariza, Paul Berg, Dutch Performing Arts Fund