Friday, 7 at 7 pm
Poetry on the Road, Bremen, Germany
Short Performances

Sunday, 9 at 8 pm
Musikerinitiative Bremen, Germany
Duo with Hainer Wörmann

Monday, 10 at 8 pm
blurred edges festival, Westwerk, Hamburg, Germany
Solo and with Birgit Ulher


Friday, 5
Kongsberg Jazz Festival, Norway
Duo with Terrie Ex

Thursday, 18 at 12:30 pm
Molde Jazz Festival, Norway
Kurt Schwitters Ursonate

Thursday, 18 at 3 pm
Molde Jazz Festival, Norway
Dr Voxoid's Next Move


Thursday, 5
Solo Improvisation Festival, Berlin, Germany
Solo Performance and Collective Improvisation

Monday, 9
EAM Collection, Berlin, Germany
Kurt Schwitters Ursonate and other early sound poetry


Tuesday, 8
Niagara Artists Center, St. Catharines, ON, Canada
Solo Performance

Friday, 11
Toronto, ON, Canada
Poetry Reading

Tuesday, 15
Casa del Popolo, Montreal, QC, Canada
Solo Performance

Saturday, 26
The Lab, San Francisco, CA, USA
With Monopiece


Sunday, 10
Music Unlimited Wels, Austria
Duo with Susana Gartmayer

Saturday, 16
Nordhausen, Germany
Duo with Günter Heinz

Sunday, 17
Saxstall, Porsdorf, Germany
Duo with Günter Heinz

Tuesday, 19 thru Saturday, 30
Tour of South America (Argentina, Uruguay, Chile)


Sunday, 1 thru Wednesday, 11
Tour of South America (Brazil)



Monday, 27
räume für notizen, Alte Schmiede, Wien, Austria
Solo Performance