The non-profit foundation Kontrans was started in 1986 and has since realized many projects involving experimental music and other media.

As a record label, Kontrans started in 1993. So far there have been 30 releases,
28 of which are still available as CDs.
All titles can be downloaded.

All the releases are listed below.
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Kontrans 1167 (2021)
Reissue as a double CD of two titles
that went out of print

Kontrans 367 (2020)
Live recording from Chicago

Kontrans 1066 (2020)
Double CD. First recording by an exciting new band!


Kontrans 666 (2020)
"To Have Done With the Judgment of God", Artaud's notorious last completed text,
in English translation, embedded in an electronic soundscape

Kontrans 864 (2019)
The long-awaited release of the Chicago recordings from 2012

Kontrans 965 (2019)
The 6th title in the Kontrans "improvisors" series

Kontrans 264 (2017)
Fifth CD in the Kontrans Voice & Electronics series

Kontrans 164 (2017)
CD with solo work from 2014 to 2017

Kontrans 561 (2014)
Eight meditations on just intonations

Kontrans 760 (2014)
Images converted to text and sound

Kontrans 660 (2014)
A disturbingly engaging collections of songs on insomnia

Kontrans 460 (2013)
Four layers of voice form a fascinating landscape

Kontrans 360 (2013)
A mesmerizing and hallucinating hour of electronic music

Kontrans 259 (2012)
A somewhat quieter collaboration

Kontrans 159 (2012)
Live quartet recording from Chicago

Kontrans 651 (2005)
Two voices and electronics live

Kontrans 551 (2005)
Soundscapes with analog synth, voice and laptop

Kontrans 950 (2004)
Improvisors: voice, percussion and banjo/guitar

Kontrans 850 (2004)
Very entertaining vocal duos

Kontrans 1649 (2003)
Double CD with 8 longer compositions

Kontrans 749 (2003)
Improvisors: tuba, turntables and voice

Kontrans 448 (2001)

Kontrans 947 (2001)
First solo work with electronics

Kontrans 1545 (1999)
Double CD with 13-piece ensemble

Kontrans 844 (1998)
Sound poems from 1916 by Hugo Ball

Kontrans 244 (1997)

Kontrans 343 (1996)
Improvisors: voice, bass and alto saxophone / clarinet

Kontrans 143 (1996)
First title in the Kontrans improvisors series

Kontrans 939 (1993)
Voice, keyboards and drums

Kontrans 739 (1993)
First release by Kontrans: modern jazz septet